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About Sean

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I am a Canadian business education teacher with a dual business education/english major from the University of Winnipeg, and the brainchild behind Senior High Hustle. 

I am currently working at a high school just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, teaching a variety of business-related courses (and basketball) to eager students. Senior High Hustle is my hub to share the cool things we do on a day-to-day basis.

Aside from teaching, physical activity is my biggest passion. I play basketball and volleyball, and use my remaining time to get in the gym. I also coach our school’s varsity boys basketball team.

I did not always want to be a teacher. However, after lucking my way into education, I soon realized that my true calling was working with high school students who have the same passion for business as I do.

Now in my seventh year of teaching, I believe that the best way to teach students is to physically put them in business-related situations. This approach has given me chances to work with some of the best business educators our world has to offer.

What is Senior High Hustle?

In this blog, you can expect to find information on:

Hopefully you will find something on Senior High Hustle that helps you in your educational path. I plan to keep writing about education, and my experiences trying new things in the classroom.

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